4 Things to Consider While Accepting Guest Posts

Accepting Guest PostsGuest Blogging stands out to be of the effective, sophisticated and popular link building service which is increasingly used by bloggers as well as online marketers. After all, it work wonders towards improving the ranking of the site quite like the way you have always wanted. Being a blogger with an established blog, you might be getting tons of low quality guest posting requests. Isn’t it?

Bloggers as well as online marketers are using guest blogging for only to have 1-2 do follow backlinks. Hence, it is deteriorating the quality of the guest posts. If in case, as a blogger, you are posting the article without reviewing them, then it could have serious repercussions and your blog might earn negative publicity in the process too. Needless to say, that low quality guest blogs as well as guest posts with spammy links will invite penalty by Google.

By reading the following article, you will get to know the important things to keep in mind especially at the time of accepting a guest post. Hence, it will work wonders towards playing safe with guest posts as well.

Relevancy of the Article

The article which you have got for the guest post should be highly relevant with the niche of your blog. There are many bloggers as well as link builders who do not care much about blog readers and the niche. They just concentrate with 1-2 do follow backlinks. On the other hand, you will be able to build an authority site, if you accept quality articles which are related to your blog niche. Hence, it is important for you to review the article prior to posting them.

Check for Duplicate Content

Duplicate content will penalize your site and there are many sophisticated tools which will help you towards checking their originality. Never ever publish duplicate content which will only malign the reputation of your esteemed site.

As per Your Blog’s Guidelines

You need to check the article whether it is following the guidelines of the blog or not. It should meet your own standard requirements and blog guidelines or else do not think twice from rejecting the article. This move of yours is going to speak volumes about your blog being a strong and authoritative one.

Thereby, your readers will continue to bask in the glory of choosing a highly dedicated and renowned blogger (which is you). They will equally know that you are not going to disappoint them as well.

Hence, you should in clear terms set strong guidelines on your “write for us” page about what to do and what not. Thereby, you will avoid burgeoning queries, thus you will ensure quality submission.

Outgoing Links

The outgoing links are equally important like the ones which come to your site.

The ranking of your site will be affected if you link spammy, casino or adult sites. Low quality links should equally be avoided as well. The links should be checked prior to publishing them.

It is recommended that the links should be given to those sites which bear the similar content of your blog as well as associated niche.

Some people are of the notion that linking to other sites for guest posting is going to harm their site. You need to be cautious about analyzing the quality and refrain from linking with harmful sites such as link farms or blog networks built with same IP addresses, gambling sites, poker etc.

Apart from that, in order to keep the sophistication of your blog like never before, you equally have the right to reject you blogs which are not at par with your standards. Hence, in this way, you can resort to guest posting in the easiest and happiest form which will simply prove to be a happy association for ever. Great isn’t it?