4 Productivity Tools to Efficiently Run Your Business

Productivity Tools for businessRunning a business entails a lot of work, and having the right business efficiency tools to take care of some of your back-office operations can free up your timetable quite a bit. This way, you can focus your time and attention on things that are more important. Choosing the right tools doesn’t have to be a difficult exercise, especially once you’re made aware that there are effective but free or cheap tools like the ones below that work as good as their expensive counterparts:

1. Bitrix24.com

Productivity tools are essential for a business to thrive, especially in this cut-throat business environment. But having to purchase them individually can mean a big dent in your operating budget. An all-in-one tool that can practically save you a good chunk of money sounds just about the thing you would need, more so if you’re just starting out.

Bitrix24.com, a social intranet application that’s totally free for companies with a maximum of 12 employees, comes loaded with several business tools in one platform – social intranet, a fully functional CRM, project management, activity planner, calendar, workforce monitoring, file and document sharing, just to name a few. Bitrix24, cloud-based as it is, can be accessed anywhere and anytime via your computer or smartphone. For companies with more than 12 staff members, Bitrix24 offers a subscription package for unlimited users that starts at $99 per month.

2. JetRadar.com

Even when your business is still small, business travel may be required. When those instances arise, it pays to know that budget airlines and online ticketing sites have made air travel significantly more affordable than it was, say, a decade ago. The downside, however, you would have to scan multiple sites to find the best and cheapest deals. Fierce competition has forced some airlines to shut down, and those that still remain are no longer pitching their promos to price-comparison sites, which, in turn, prompts consumers to check out multiple websites.

Absolutely free, JetRadar.com is a metasearch engine that pores through hundreds of flight and airline sites for the best and cheapest plane fare promos, and makes the gathered data easily accessible by practically anyone in a single website, drastically limiting the time and energy it takes to find and book the most economically attractive airfare deal. JetRadar offers hotel and accommodation listings, too.

3. Comindware.com

Automation has changed the business landscape forever. Through automation, businesses save on costs, streamline their operations and maximize the resources they’ve got on hand – manpower, equipment and infrastructure.

Designed specifically for cross-functional teams and workgroups, Comindware.com is a software innovation that automates workflow processes, tracking of issues and task management. Comindware’s Workflow Builder capability allows even those without previous IT or designing experience to visually create and/or edit workflow processes by simply dragging and dropping items in the dashboard. And with ElasticData, the technology the application is built upon, you can design and create your workflow process now and edit it later (if needed) without having to stop or interrupt ongoing workflow processes. Within minutes, you may already deploy your newly created/edited workflow process.

If you wish to witness for yourself how Comindware would fare in your own unique environment, it is available for download for free for 30 days. And when you deem it the necessary automation tool for your company’s needs, attractive discount rates are offered.

4. PickyDomains.com

In a marketplace peppered with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of similar products and services, a new business should make a resounding entrance to make heads turn. That starts with having a business, product, service or website name that’s unique and catchy, relevant and easy to remember. If you have no problem coming up with a name that’s all of the above, good for you. Otherwise, you might have to sit down with a friend or partner for a brainstorming session. If that still doesn’t work, branding agencies can take the burden off you, but for a price that can mean up to thousands of dollars.

An online naming platform that has been in business since 2007, PickyDomains already has a strong base of more than 50,000 registered contributors from different regions of the world. For a minimal amount of $50 for a name/domain or $75 for a slogan, you can already start receiving suggestions. Simply register with the site as a client, pay the downpayment (which depends on the service you signed up for) and send in your naming guidelines. If none of the suggestions you receive fits, you can always ask for your money back.