3 must-follow tips for increasing traffic to your blog

increasing trafficContent is king and when it comes to websites and blogs then content is the king of all kingdoms. However, there are a few things regarding a website’s or blog’s content you must essentially take care of. Here are them-

1) Balancing SEO and quality

Even though SEO is very important for gaining more visitors some people tend to stuff too many keywords into the articles which not only make them look like spam but also reduce the readability. What you need to is actually maintain a balance between the quality of content and SEO. Try to stuff the keywords in such manner that they adjust naturally in the content. Remember- If you content is good and knowledgeable then the visitors would share it more and hence your traffic would increase.

2) Don’t flood

Most of the blog owners give the links to other products and services providing websites to earn commission. Otherwise, one most popular means to earn is by using the ads provided by Google AdSense. In such case, you must always remember that if you will flood your webpage with ads then it will repel the visitors and will decrease the popularity of your website, thus reducing the traffic.   

3) Have fixed content

There can be basically two broad types of blogs or websites-

a) Resource websites- These types of websites generally include that type of content which can give help and information to various types of customers. General posts or articles on these kind of websites include topics like-“How to play a guitar” or “Learning to play soccer” etc.

Like for example you have put this article “How to play a guitar” on your website, then you can put links to those websites where they provide free online guitar lessons or a website which sells guitars online. What happens is that when a person reads the article, then most probably he will click on one link or two for further help.

b) Review websites- In these types of websites you post personal reviews about various kinds of products and services so that it will serve the purpose of helping the people with the products they want to buy. With every product review you can add a link to the merchant’s website where the same product is available.

You must always add the same type of articles on your website and make sure they are of the relevant niche. In this way your visitors will know that everything they want will be on your blog or website. This will automatically attract more visitors and with a fixed niche a search engine will be able to give you appropriate rankings.

So, before you excitedly and impulsively start posting articles on your website make sure you follow the aforementioned ground rules. Even though initially you might don’t see these tips making any effect in the long run you would see their benefits.