3 Areas To Direct Your Readers To

make money from blogPeople put up blogs or site to make money online. Many others create content and write articles to be famous online while others just want to meet personalities that are compatible with theirs. Which of the three are you?

You can boost your online presence if you stay true to your objectives for running a site. Regardless of the type of your goal, it is important that you know varying styles to capture your readers’ attention. It doesn’t just stop in the “knowing” part though. The application of your styles is a vital step too.

You don’t have to be a copy-cat of other successful sites to be triumphant. What’s important is that you maximize your site depending on your goals. You still don’t understand me? Then, read about the three areas you want to direct your readers to.

1. Extra Income – if you want to make money from your site, you might want to use advertising programs such as Google Adsense, Clicksor, personal ads, and more. The key here is to make the users see them.

Just make sure that your ads are appealing and visible. They should mesh well with your background, color scheme, and layout of your site. In addition, their placing is vital too. Position them in an area where they can be easily seen.

Usually, the top of the page is utilized for this purpose. Just make sure that the placement of the ads does not hinder the readers from reading your content. With strategic placement, you are sure to gain profit from your site.

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2. Content – if you want to gain popularity because of your content, you might want to make your best articles sticky. If you don’t know by now, sticky means that your post remains at the top of your article pile.

Help your readers find your best or most popular posts. One way to do this is by putting up a “most popular posts” sector in your sidebar like EarningDiary. Another way is to link another article within your article. Another technique is to bookmark your posts and use your social networking sites to share your article links. This will help you garner new readers and followers.

3. Meet Different Personalities – Looking for people with same interests as you? The best thing you can do is to have them subscribe to your site or blog. Subscriber count tantamount to your credibility.

So if you have lots of followers, it means that people rely on your words and look up to you. Some even want to be updated on your posts. To make it easy for your followers to subscribe to your blog, you might want to display an RSS icon that is large enough to be seen.

Again, make sure that it fits your color scheme and layout. Position it in different areas (in the header, sidebar, and end of each post or article) of your site so your reader does not have to scroll. Prominence is the key here.

If you have different objectives than those mentioned, you might want to work on your own styles and techniques to get traffic for your site and earn recognition. Good luck. I hope that you can make it in this industry.


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