10 Social Bookmarking Sites to Promote Your Website

popular social bookmarking sitesSocial bookmarking sites have become a great way to promote your website and bring it the attention it deserves. By placing links to your website on well-known social bookmarking sites, people will be able to access your site without putting forth much effort. When someone reaches a social bookmarking site and enters a search term or tag that is relevant to your website, your link will come up. Once they click on it, they will be taken directly to your site. If you would like to promote your website by listing it on social bookmarking sites, the following are some good sites to try.

Delicious – With this popular social bookmarking site, people can easily find stuff that interests them. They can then save the information to use later on (bookmark) or share it with others. By listing your website on this site, people searching for information related to your site will discover you in no time at all.

Digg – Digg works by allowing people to discover and share anything that can be found on the internet. This includes everything from top news stories to up-and-coming blogs. If you place a link on this site, anyone who searches for terms relevant to you will most likely want to visit your site.

StumbleUpon – This social bookmarking site makes it fun and easy for users to “stumble upon” information they can use. All people have to do is tell the site what kind of stuff is of interest to them, and StumbleUpon will provide results. After going over the results, users can then rate the information. By promoting your website through this popular site, you should easily see an increase in the amount of visitors you receive.

Twitter – Although you may think of this site only as a social network, the truth is it can be used for bookmarking as well. To promote your website, create an account that is specifically for it. When other Twitter members’ search terms relate to your website’s information, they will be able to discover and follow you.

FriendFeed – When you sign up with this social bookmarking site, you are able to connect with your friends, as well as discover and share what they are finding online. Your friends, in turn, will be able to discover what is relevant to you online. You will then be able to promote your website by developing custom feeds that are just for your friends and those interested in what you have to offer.

Reddit – With this cool site, you will discover the most fresh and popular information on the internet. Users submit all the stuff that is found on this site, and then decide if it is worth a look or not. Since users submit the information, you can list and promote your website as well.

NewsVine – Through this open-source, social news site, you can find and read news stories that are interesting to you. You can also submit your own work. If readers enjoy it, they will most likely want to check out your website as well.

ChimeIn – On this site, users can “chime in” and submit information they feel others will enjoy. By connecting and sharing with others that have similar interests, your website will get fresh, new attention from those who can really benefit from what you have to offer.

Diigo – Folks who regularly browse the web will find this social bookmarking and highlighting site very helpful. Users can not only bookmark information for later use, but they can also “highlight” certain portions of websites. To promote, simply share with others the valuable things that can be found on your website and they will likely check it out.

Multiply – With this social shopping site, users can bookmark their favorite online stores and create online storefronts to advertise their own stores’ websites. By connecting with others who share similar tastes in fashion and decorating, you can find and/or promote the things that matter to you most.

Once you check out these great social bookmarking sites, you will see how easy it can be to promote your website through one of more of them. The added exposure and increased traffic you receive will make it well worth your time to list your website on all the social bookmarking sites you can.

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