10 Killer Tips to Increase Your Adsense Revenue

When people say optimizing your website for Google Adsense revenue they mean modifying your website in order to improve the quality of your site and the traffic that attends. You can improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the website, the usability of the website and the type of people you attract.

1o Best Ways to Increase Your Adsense Revenue

increase your adsense revenue

1. Check out the best practices for ad placement

You should check out the best practices for ad placement as recommended by Google because they differ depending on the type of website you have. Here are the types of website that have differing ad placement recommendations:

  • News Site
  • Classifieds Site
  • Game Site
  • Forum
  • Blog

2. Advert blending and complimenting

You can have your adverts blend with your website design or you can have them visibly stand out but still complement the design. This does put the user first and offers the better user experience, but according to some it means the adverts are easier to ignore.

3. Advert contrasting

This is for the person who is less concerned with user experience and more concerned with making Adsense money. It is harder to ignore the adverts.

4. Trial and error the tips you read on this article

For example, number 2 and 3 may be decided by what you think is the best for your website, and the aesthetic design of your website and for its affect on the UI and UE of your website. But, you could also trial and error test having adverts contrasting with your design and having them compliment your design. You can see if it alters your user engagement, click rates, and even your bounce rate.

5. Are your repeat visitors advert blind?

If your website has a lot of repeat visitors then you are doing something right. But, regular repeat visitors are going to become advert blind because we do not notice the things we are used to. You should therefore change the location of your adverts every now and again to mix things up a bit.

6. More ads means less clicks

Too many adverts scares off the viewer and the web master ends up with a website that nobody visits ergo there are no more clicks and no more affiliate money. There is also the fact that you are giving people too much choice and too much choice makes people act weird. They are better off having a limited choice. So long as they have a choice they are happy (sounds like a line from the Matrix).

7. Change to prominent ad styles if you are having no luck

This is just an option you may wish to try if you have trouble making money with Google Adsense. But, it may just be that your website is not suited for selling via affiliate advertising and so you get no clicks. If you are still having trouble then try the Google tips for struggling websites.

8. Wider ads outperform taller ads

The header is the exact phrase that Google themselves use! They claim that the wide ads beat the tall ones. This means that banner ads are more likely to make you money than the taller ads, though why this is the case is a mystery, so maybe you should try your own trial and error tests before taking Google’s word on faith.

9. Make sure your ads look like ads

There is a feeling that if people mix up the way affiliate advertising looks then people will start adjusting their viewing habits to compensate and actual content will start to be misconstrued as advertising.

You need to abide by this, plus you should look up the Google policy on adverts looking like adverts because they consider tricking a viewer to be punishable act. They also say, “Choosing ad colors that complement your site…but avoid aligning images with your ads or making nearby content mimic their formatting”.

10. Put your advert on a place where people may accidentally click

A common place is just behind the position of a link click. If a person clicks a link on one page and is taken to another, then you assume their mouse clicker will not have moved its position and you put an advert in that position on the page they are navigating to. In this way, if the viewer is a double clicker or repeated clicker then there is a chance one click will land on your advert.