Ice Cream Business Blues: Winter Sales Success and Survival Tips

The ice cream business is a rocky road, paved with profits in the summer and zilch in the winter. People don’t buy ice cream when it gets cold, do they? Hold on a minute. Ice cream shops somehow survive, and some even thrive, when the weather starts to change. Here’s how they do cream business

Credit Card Processing Strategies for Itty Bitty Businesses

You’re a one or two-person business operation. You can’t afford an entire accounting department. Fortunately, you don’t have to. A lot of the newer POS systems out on the market are actually iPad POS or cloud-based systems. These systems take care of … [Continue reading]

Unlimited Webhosting Plan with HomeHost

unlimited web hosting

Gone is the day when webhosting plan provides very limited space and bandwidth. In fact, if there is a webhosting plan that specifies a limit for the space and bandwidth it provides, the plan is considered old-fashioned. Today, when internet becomes … [Continue reading]

10 Suggestions Which Can Help New Bloggers Get Confidence

get blogging confidence

You may feel quite overwhelmed when you decide to a blog, however, in reality, it is a very easy and simple way to join online communities. Whether you are thinking of blogging for business or for pleasure, it is a great way to stay connected with … [Continue reading]

Setting Up Your First Business

Setting Up Your First Business

For those who have set up their own businesses before, you know what to expect what you’re setting up the next one or assisting somebody else in getting one off the ground. However, if you’ve never had any experience with your own business before, it … [Continue reading]

Few Benefits of Aromatherapy Vaporizer

Benefits of Aromatherapy Vaporizer

Nowadays, breathing difficulties are increasing at a rapid pace; this issue has grown really big and affects a lot of people as compared to earlier times. There are many reasons, which contribute to this breathing issue and they are allergens, dry … [Continue reading]

Top Tips to Achieving the Best out of SEO


Most people have heard of the term “Search Engine Optimisation” in today’s world, although fewer people truly understand the art behind great SEO. When it comes to increasing your website’s viewership as well as the rate of return-traffic, due to the … [Continue reading]